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Liquide is all time favourite on uppcoming race at Monza sets the phase going fastest on Q1, Q2 and of course, Q3.



-"every time I come here, it's so easy to win", he says. "No-one stands a chance as usual"


Well, we wont argue with that. The last years have been dominated by Liquide's outstanding performances at Monza.








Team Krokodil recieves warning and risks a $50.000 fine for reckless and dangerous driving at Spa. "-It's no use to eaven show up for start", said Peppis who got hit numerous times by a drunk Krokodil. "-Some-one must take apropirate action against this mad and incompetent driver", he continues.


Upcomming track: Monza Italy




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Uppcomming Track: Monza




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